Attending Cult with A Fire Woman

What did you do on 7 December 2019?

I went on a hot date with my wife, watching the Cult in concert.

What an epic evening full of nostalgic moments, excellent songs and just a great evening.

It is not often that you get to witness bands from your teen years.  Bands that you listened to, danced to and mimed to … yes, I cannot sing!

We had a funfilled evening surrounded by middleaged people, just like us, clapping along to the good old tracks from our favorite “rock” band who had their peaks in the late 80s and early 90s.

The cool thing was, Ian Astbury, sounded pretty much as awesome as he did back then.  He belted out the songs with full passion and loads of energy.  A few casual conversations, but overall a great performance.

Yes, he had dropped is iconic long black hair, not dressed up and perhaps a little grown up to look at.  But his voice had not changed.

To give you a flair for the songs we encountered – here’s the setlist courtesy

  1. Play Video

  2. Play Video

  3. Play Video

  4. Play Video

  5. Play Video

  6. Play Video

  7. Play Video

  8. Play Video

  9. Play Video

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  12. Play Video

  13. Play Video

  14. Play Video

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It was absolutely a trip down memory lane and we somewhat danced to the famous tunes … as much as you can in a crowded old theater with 1500 other Cult enthusiasts who attempted to dress the same as they did back in the late 80s.

Great evening,  thanks, guys!

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