Can Music Help You Recover?

Yes – absolutely!

Music can indeed help you recover from both physical and mental illnesses.  Perhaps not provide you with the medical nectars, but it will help you change your mindset to become more positive.

Positive thoughts will help you direct the right energies to your body, and I’m convinced that these energies will help in your recovery journey.

I really enjoy music from many genres; from the darkest angriest heavy metal bands to classical.  I have music for each day and mood, and something for every person that visits our house.

I wouldn’t call myself a music critic or connoisseur, but I know what I like and I do not mind what label someone might give it.

My music taste and library are based on personal taste and recommendations from good friends and family … and some music was even bought after hearing their songs in a department clothing store in Dublin such as JJ72.

One genre I never really dabbled in was the Christian & Gospel.  Not sure why really. I probably felt it was too much preaching.

You know, singing about Jesus, God, miracles, Bible verses, and other Christian events.  I did not really understand the songs and did not really listen to the lyrics.

My wife has enjoyed this genre for years now, and I have bought her many albums, building up a massive library of Christian & Gospel artists.  I knew from the vocals and tunes if she would enjoy the album, so I guess I influenced her style 🙂

When I fell ill in late 2018, my belief and my approach to Christianity changed.

Not sure when exactly, but I think it was when I was in ICU on day 2, and the hospital priest came into my room to give me a blessing and presented me with the host.

I went through days and weeks where I doubted my existence and could only focus on the negatives.  My existence and mortality were called into question.

One gloomy afternoon, I heard a track on the radio which caught my ear.

It was this passionate crispy voice that roared out through the speakers, sharing a message of being a survivor.  The more I heard the song, the deeper I associated with the lyrics and the message of surviving.  More importantly, who helped me become a survivor.

The song sent me messages of hope and that something bigger was looking after me.  There were hope and strength in the song, and I grew more optimistic.  My perspective on life and God changed overnight.

The artist was none other than Zach Williams, who had released ‘Survivor’ on his album ‘Chainbreaker’ in December 2016.  He’s almost the same age as me, and shares his stories of faith and hope with the audience.

I was instantly drawn to his songs.  I could identify with the lyrics, and his voice and passion were streaming out of the speakers.

It may sound strange, but his songs made me fight and gave me the will to live.

zach2The lyrics tell wonderful stories of how you can gain strength from your belief in God, and how that will fend off the darkness.

Soon after being introduced to Zach Williams, I attempted to pray – which is not as easy as it may sound, especially if you have never prayed before.

I prayed for healing and support as I was struggling with my existence, with increased anxieties and limited faith.

Within days, I felt a difference in my heart, and my body changed.  It slowly grew stronger and mentally I changed too.  A dark cloud lifted from my mind and there was suddenly hope that I would survive.

We all have a rescue story – what is yours?

Not a day goes by without me listening to the tracks from his albums, and they all offer hope, strength, and love, which we all need in our lives.

Zach Williams, you may not think so, but you saved my life with your ministry and with your great songs.  I cannot thank you enough for sharing your stories, for sharing your messages of hope and encouraging me to believe in Jesus.

So, you can say, Zach Williams changed and even saved my life!

Thank you brother – it is a true honor to be part of your world and to be inspired by your music to do greater and better things.  I’m a Zach fanboy!

One day, I will get to meet Zach Williamsand thank him for his music!

In the meantime, you can purchase his music from Amazon, iTunes, etc.

Chain Breaker (Deluxe Edzachition)

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