Howl at the Moon

It is an undeniable fact. I cannot sing!

Not that I ever had ambitions of becoming a professional singer or musician, but sometimes we all have moments of greatness and we want to sing along to our favorite song or musical.

I sing fantastically after several pints and/or some glasses of wine.  Or so I think.

During my youthful years in college, I performed as a country singer in front of the school, and grateful that we did not have smartphones back then.  Not sure how strong my vocal was, but I attracted many laughs.

During parties with friends, I always entertained by translating songs from English to Danish, on the spot, much to the amusement of other dunk friends in the room.

The honest truth is, my vocals are shite and I fear that I may have injured the hearing of some animals with my high pitch tones and embarrassed close friends.  But, we had fun.

My singing voice resembles a goats mating call or the intimidating scream of the Yeti.  If my singing voice was recorded on an alarm, any person would wake up immediately.

I have tried many times to sing in the shower or in the car, but it is obvious that I cannot hit nodes and do not know the lyrics fully.  It ends up being a mishmash of strange grunting noises, Beyonce high nodes and followed by Bruce Dickenson high pitches.  A total disaster.

That simply makes me appreciate others who can sing even more, and I support their valiant efforts by buying their music – hence I have music from every genre possible.

Do you sing in the shower?

My record collection (or should I say digital collection) has albums from heavy metal to the Christian Gospel.  I’ve attended concerts such as Black Sabbath, Zach Williams, Motley Crue, The Cult, Bethel Music, Live, Zac Browne Band, David Bowie, Dropkick Murphy, and Opera.

I may utter some sounds and words during these concerts, although I tend to mime instead as I’m afraid of freaking out people and attract odd stares from fellow music lovers.

I love music.  It is a great part of my life and day and follows me throughout the day.  I always have music playing, and many songs trigger memories; happy and sad ones.

If we cannot embrace ur weirdness and imperfections, then we are not enjoying life.

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