Ice Bucket Madness

I have for the past month been watching the viral explosion of the ice bucket challenges, initially wondering what the hell ALS is and why people would even contemplate pouring cold (ice) water over themselves.  Surely there are better ways for using water, especially as California is preparing themselves for Mad Max revival and water wars.

ice_bucketIt was amusing to watch, and yet with awe, people supporting such a valid cause.  But, it was even more wonderful to see how quickly this ice storm spread across the inter web.

Suddenly friends of old and new started to join the ice wagon.  Deep inside I feared that some innocent friend would nominate me for this challenge.  But given we had recently immigrated to the US, and were out of sight by most friends, I hoped that I would be overlooked.

Then very recently, a good friend and his family did the challenge, and my name was mentioned.  The echoed in my ears as I heard my name, and my supportive wife screamed of laughter.

Would I do it?  Would I support ALS given our son has Down Syndrome?

Well, I’m a person that keep his promises and I’m not yellow / chicken for those not familiar with the ‘yellow’ term.  However, I decided to change the game slightly and supported both causes, but my donation went to Down Syndrome instead.

Here’s the evidence 🙂

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