Call of the Wildwood

We’ve all seen “Lost Boys” I hope, if not you’d better go watch it.  Not that this post has anything todo with vampires, but the iconic American boardwalk features in our Wildwood adventures.

boardwalkFor many the boardwalk is synonymously with funfairs, insane rides, water-parks, circuses of oddities, drunk people, flashing lights, games where you could win a ginormous teddy, burgers, popcorn, neon slushies, t-shirts with funny logos and of course the mandatory ridiculously wide wooden boardwalk floating over the beach below.

For many New Jerseyans going to the shore is a family tradition and Wildwood is one of the top family destinations.  In fact, most people I work with and have met over here have spent numerous summers in Wildwood – and continuos to go to the Shore at least once a year with their families.  It seems as if it’s a family tradition … and now we joined the new Jerseyan way of life 🙂

We, or should I say my lovely wife, found a nice little condo just 3 minutes from the boardwalk, that slept 5 (sort of) and had a small pool in the complex perfect for the kids.

After a gruelling 3.5 hour drive, stuck in the family Suburban with three impatient kids and each an iPad running programs with volume fully cranked up, we arrived back in to mid 80’s village.  Yes, Wildwood hasn’t seen much renovation or new-thinking for the past few decades, and I guess that’s what makes it special; the rundown look ‘n feel, the vintage burger joints and groovy ice-cream parlours.

Besides being stuck in the mid 80’s, we had a great family vacation and we can highly recommend the following sights.

In honesty, we didn’t spend much time on the boardwalk.  It’s a ripoff and most games cost $5 where you have a very limited chance of winning anything cool.  There are water-parks that could be cool, but at $40 per head we felt it was too much and decided to cruise around instead.

Also, be prepared for eating mostly burgers, fries, pizza and other well-known fast-food dishes which becomes a little too much.  We decided to make most dinners at the condo, which also made the trip a little cheaper.  After meals we walked the boardwalk, swam in the pool, read books, relaxed and generally had a nice holiday.

I can highly recommend going to the Shore, but we will be staying in Cape May next time.  It was a beautiful area; excellent beaches, tranquil village and still close to Wildwood.

Where did you go on your family holiday?  Would you recommend it?

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