The Hearty Verdict

I’m in my mid forties and has been living a somewhat healthy life.  We indulge in lovely food, do not eat junk food, use vegetables for every meal and get parent level of exercise.  So, according to our family book, we are a healthy family.

Suddenly having health challenges is certainly a huge shock, not only for me personally, but to my wife and kids.  To say we all got rattled and scared is an understatement.  Our family got hit at the core.  None of us expected this and not sure how to react or deal with it either.

The verdict of my health scare was acute / viral cardiomyopathy, and it falls under the category of heart failure.  The root cause was most likely caused by a viral infection.  My heart was working overtime to clear the fluid built up in my body.  That in turn increased my heart muscle (not good) and the heart was not able to pump blood through efficiently.

It also means that my early diagnosis of pneumonia was incorrect.  The antibiotics I received masked the actual viral infection.  As soon as the antibiotic treatment was done, the issues returned.

Thankfully the ER doctor caught my heart problem, and thankfully we got an appointment with cardiologist the following day and got me straight into treatment.

Still does not make it any easier to understand and accept the diagnosis, and the road to recovery will be long and challenging.  I’m young and should not have heart problems.  However, the plus side is that my recovery will be better since I’m young.

Veni Vedi Vici … I will conquer this and recover!

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