Back and kicking

It has been a few weeks since I wrote on my blog.  Well, I haven’t really contributed to my blogroll since our little unfortunate family adventures.  My mind has been somewhat pre-occupied with some more important events, and the homecoming of our son has been a priority.

Our son thankfully returned home from hospital just before Thanksgiving, so the family was reunited and all was going well.

The good news is all is progressing very well since returning from the comfortable “bed” in the luxurious hospital.  The little dude has recovered remarkably and has rediscovered his appetite.

My wife and I have found it difficult to adjust and pretend all was ok.  I’ve been sleeping with one eye open, and ran to his bed side when he farted, coughed or moved in his bed.  If he had a new look on his face, when eating, we moved the food and gave him juice.  Always trying to reduce the risk of another incident to occur.

However, moving on and relaxing again is proving to be a bit of a challenge, as every little cough or new sound triggers memories of what happened some weeks ago.   But, the fact is, we have to move on and put this behind us, no matter if it’s difficult or not.

But, the little midget is sleeping perfectly.  No more pain.  No more strange cough. Just back to normal – without the bits that were removed of course.

He had his first meal at Thanksgiving, and by God did he munch.   It was as if he hadn’t eaten for days, which he hadn’t, and anything that resemble solid food went straight into his mouth and down the drain.  I honestly don’t think he tasted much of it, it was just a matter of filling his stomach with solid food.

So, it’s time to start writing again.  This is just a short post, just to let you know that we’re back in business.  Hope you understand the gap in publishing new entries and I hope you’ll continue to read my posts, despite the recent blip.

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