Meal Plan; 18-22 September – Rock n Roll weekend, Meatloaf, Meat Soup, Chicken, and Birthday Bash

We are kicking off the week with some great concerts, two date nights, and some excellent recipes for the beginning of colder weather. I still wear shorts and T-shirts, but the South American beauty wraps herself in fleece tops and long pants. We are built differently; I think 18-22 degrees Celsius is warm, whereas she needs early 30 temps to feel somewhat warm.

It’s my wife’s birthday on Saturday, and as we always do in our family, we celebrate the person for a whole week, although I celebrate my wife all year around (in case she reads this post).

Because of the busy week, I’ve selected a couple of simple yet fabulous dinners. Keep reading to find the meal plan.

We spent a wonderful evening attending the John Fogerty concert in Hartford (CT). He recently won the rights to all the songs he wrote for Creedence Clearwater Revival. The show was a celebration of his victory and a tribute to all the great songs he wrote. Fantastic evening.

Once Upon a Time in Dublin

This week, we celebrate my wife’s 25th birthday according to the Mayan calendar, which is equal to 50 years old according to the Gregorian calendar. (This is a joke, of course!)

Twenty-six years ago, I took my now wife out on our first proper date to celebrate her birthday. Sure, we had spent a few evenings together at the local pub on the outskirts of Dublin (Ireland) before the actual date night, but this was the evening when we celebrated her birthday.

Funnily, she was not granted access to a nightclub because she forgot her ID and the bouncer did not believe she was 24 – the entry age was 21! She looks very young for her age, which is typical for certain South American women.

Fast forward twenty-six years, and we will celebrate a huge and remarkable milestone. She’s turning 50 and has spent more than half her life with me. I’ve had a blast, and I’m convinced she has had a wonderful time,e too.

We’ve invited some close friends to a garden bash to celebrate her birthday, hoping the weather will stay dry.

I only have a week to prepare for the birthday party, so I need to maximize my time to allow us enough time to clean and prep.

Having friends over to eat, drink, and laugh is the best medicine. Everyone seems to have a great time, so much so that we forget to take pictures.

Meat and Chicken Dinners

This week, I’m making a few simple yet flavor-packed dishes. Dishes that will kick your protein levels through the roof and boost your body with healthy energy.

Kids are in luck this week again, as I have bread in the freezer I made last week, so their sandwiches will be with high-quality bread. I’m making two versions: one with grilled chicken thighs and one with turkey from the deli.

I will attempt to make a California Roll bowl, so wish me luck, and then a healthy orzo salad.

I’m slowly frying some vegetables and throwing some bread slices chopped into fine pieces for dinner. I mix it with the meatloaf mixture (pork and beef ground), then grill if for 45 minutes on the Traeger. The aroma is fantastic when you take it off the grill and let it cool.

While the meatloaf is roasting, I gently cover the brisket in BBQ rub (Meat Church) and let it roast alongside the meatloaf. Once done, I chop it into 1-inch squares and continue making what resembles a stew, although it is called Brisket Soup.

In parallel, I fill a large stock pot with water, throw in some ginger, bay leaves, and peppercorns, and gently fill it with bones. It is time to cook bones stock. The bones will simmer for two days, and I top up the pot to always keep the bones covered. Stock is packed with so much flavor and healthy stuff to boost your immune system. We use bone stock for cooking soups and warm teas.

I’m marinading the chicken Tuesday evening, so more about that next week.

Meal Plan

MondayBagel PizzaConcert Shitty Dinners
TuesdayCalifornia Roll in a BoxGarlic and Herb Meatloaf with Spuds
WednesdayFarmers Market Orzo SaladBrisket Soup (aka stew)
ThursdayChicken and Gouda SandwichPeruvian Chicken with Green Sauce and Quinoa
FridayTurkey Florentine SandwichPre-birthday dinner – sushi or steak n’ potato tinfoil dinner

One day, I might get so organized that I will link the meals below to my recipes. We can only live in hope!

Have a fantastic week, my friends. I hope you enjoy these meal plans. It is much easier to make food in advance, although you must invest several hours preparing meals during the weekend.

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