Summer Harlem Globetrotter-junior

What are kids meant to be doing for 10 weeks during the summer, when they are off enjoying a long well-earned summer break?  And, us parents still have to go to work, as our employers would probably not appreciate most of their workforce taking 10 weeks off as well.  It doesn’t make it any easier when you don’t have family or relatives around to mind the kids either.

This is where summer camps come in; and this is extremely popular in the US, but it can also be extremely expensive.  Some day camps can easily cost $3-4,000 per kid per month, which is actually pretty scary.  It’s well outside our budget, so we attempt to find much cheaper camps, but yet cool, providing the kids with the necessary letting off steam.

A fantastic source for great deals is Groupon and one day while scouring for perhaps some great deal on shoes for, I stumbled across a voucher for basketball camp.  It wasn’t a full day or full week camp, but merely a 3hour basketball clinic.  However, the cool bit was that it was with Harlem Globetrotters, whom I remember seeing as a kid.

Harlem GlobetrotterThe basketball clinic was heavily reduced, so I bought it.  No permission required from my wife for this impulsive purchase.  How cool wouldn’t it be to train with these legends?  Well, I hope that it’s not the same players I saw 30 years ago, as then the clinic will be in the local old peoples home.

Unfortunately I had to attend another almost as cool event on the day of the basketball clinic, so my wife had the honours of seeing the players and kids in action.

They learned a few tricks, juggling, shooting and got autographed gear afterwards.  It was an awesome day for my daughter.  I was over the moon that I had actually found a cool camp and that she had a blast.

What are your kids doing for the summer?

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