Shot in the dark

We all thought that AC/DC turned off their electricity when they received one negative surge after another. The future seemed bleak and not even a generator could jolt enough voltage into their amps and instruments to flick on the switch again.

  • Brian Johnson, the iconic lead singer, was at risk of permanent hearing loss if he continued to perform onstage.
  • Malcolm Young, the rhythm guitarist, sadly passed away.
  • Cliff Williams, the bassist, announced his retirement
The boys are somewhat back!

Thankfully the school uniform dressed energetic bunny, Angus Young, fought on and kept the rock rhythms going. They even brought in Axl Rose from Guns ‘n Roses to replace Brian Johnson to complete their tour.

Not much left of this raw and simple rock band. How could they possibly survive?

Not long ago, in early October, they announced a new single, Shot in the Dark – below video. A full album soon followed it. It does not disappoint.

Fans across the Globe were delighted, including me, and we rushed out to buy the album. And, it did not disappoint.

I am pleasantly surprised and delighted to hear the classic riffs and Brian Johnson’s crispy voice. They were back, and they have delivered a great new album. Go check them out on your favorite streaming music platform.

Well done lads!

I’m not sure if we will see them in concert, given their age challenges and hearing loss, but I’m hopeful that 2021 will welcome them back on a global tour. I’ll buy the tickets!

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