The Vegans Might Be Right

Ok, I know that is an exaggeration and not something that I can honestly stand behind.  However, eating healthier helps not only your body but also fuels your mind and soul.

It has a further knock-on effect on your performance at work or school, as you feel more energized – you tend to be more productive.

It may sound rather utopian and might sound like I’ve eaten too many spicy chickpeas, but I’ve witnessed the transformation myself – first hand.

Over the course of our life, we consume tons of processed foods, greasy dishes and prepared meals.  Not to mention the amount of bread we eat.  It’s not that these are super unhealthy (well, some are) but it is the quantities that we digest.  Portions have gotten larger over time.

The healthy choice is to eat more vegetables and less processed foods and less red meats.

Please note, I did not say become vegan.  That is not an option in my life.

Resist the urge to become a vegan.  We can live healthy lives while still eating animals.  Just watch Steven Rinella on Netflix to see how that’s done.  It’s all about modesty and only kill/eat what we need.

Some of my vegan friends cheered when they heard I was eating more vegetables, but I quickly brought them back to reality, and a tear in their eyes, when I shared that I just eat different meats.  I need to feed my inner carnivore!

We eat a lot more fish, shellfish and poultry, and of course eggs.  We just combine it with a variety of vegetables, roots, and seeds.

At the same time, we/ve reduced our intake of sodium, shitty foods like chips, bread, soda, fast foods, oily foods, etc. And, we adults have reduced our alcohol intake.

I’ve substituted coffee with decaf coffee, and it is not bad at all!

The positive outcome – we are all getting fitter.  We are feeling much better.  We sleep better, and I have not had a headache since October 2018.

My work productive has improved.  I’m much cheerful and this affects my team and colleagues in a positive way.

The vegans can certainly claim some victory in the healthier eating approach.

Just a thought, try eating healthier and smaller portions and cut out the not so good food groups, and you will see a difference too.

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