Song of the Day – Halloween

Have you heard of or know King Diamond aka Kim Bendix Petersen?

Many of you might not believe me when I say he’s a Danish heavy metal dude, who started his band in the mid-’80s.

You might wonder why on earth I would share ghoul worship music, but as I’ve said many times, music is like a time machine.  It brings you back to points in your life when something good or not so good happened.  For me, it is childhood/teenage memories.

I spent many hours with my friends playing D&D (dungeons & dragons for people born after the glorious ’80s) and painting D&D figurines.  My friend was really into King Diamond, so we, of course, listened to the screams from a vinyl record player.

The king is still going strong and touring the US these months.  It’s therefore only fitting that we share the joy for scary shit on Halloween, and let the King of Metal perform his version of Halloween.

I have to thank my friend for introducing me to the King of Metal and broadening my rock education.

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