Meal Plan; 31 January – 4 February

Sweet lord, I spent most of my Sunday cooking, baking, grilling, and cleaning dishes. My meal plan activities started at 7.30 am, cooking six main dinners and preparing five options for school lunch. It included two dinners for a meal train.

I fell asleep pretty quickly once I relaxed on my bed. It was like watching my dad sitting in the armchair slowly nodding off while pretending to watch James Bond.

Cooking at home

I have often mentioned that cooking at home is relatively easy and that we can find all (well, most) ingredients at your local supermarket.

The same goes for the tools, appliances, pots, pans, utensils, knives, and other gadgets that you might want to use when cooking.

You do not need to have fancy brands, as shown on Instagram. Instead, you can make fabulous meals with simple tools and use a standard kitchen stove. And, it does not matter if you use gas or electrical power for cooking.

While I love my gadgets, appliances, and knives, it does not improve my food. We still need more formal cooking training to perfect our food at home, making it look like the restaurants.

Even the pictures I share a not great. I do not have time to set up my dishes. On the contrary, I show authentic images from my kitchen. It’s a skill to present food nicely. We want to eat my food and not worry about the presentation.

Cooking for others

It’s no secret. I enjoy cooking and helping families in need.

For Thanksgiving in 2021, I cooked traditional Thanksgiving meals for two families in need. I donated turkey and homemade (smoked) pecan pies, a close friend made two sides, and another buddy delivered the food.

Both families were extremely grateful, to the point of tears. That’s what makes it special to help others. They appreciate the outreach and thought. It is so simple to help others.

When the opportunity came up to help another family recently, I jumped on the meal train.

Recently, another local family experienced some serious medical issues and needed to recover. The meal train was set up, and I jumped to prepare two meals; for four adults.

  • grilled pork chop baked in a coconut cream paprika sauce with roasted potatoes.
  • grilled chicken rice pot, with corn and peas.

Again, I’m donating the ingredients and my time, allowing a family to focus on their health. Not a huge sacrifice to help others.

Fun Meals

I’m exploring recipes I stumbled across in the past few weeks and also taking time to experiment with making corned beef. In honest, it was a ready-to-go corned beef brisket that I need to spice up and cook.

One meal is from my Danish childhood. We did not get many exotic Asian dishes back then, so the Danes “invented” their own; Meatballs in curry with rice. It is boiled pork/beef meatballs served in a curry sauce – nothing exotic at all, but I was eager to try it again. My review – it needs more curry 🙂

With the colder weather, beef stew is always a family favorite, especially when I use Guinness and let it simmer for 3 hours. Damn delicious.

Lastly, I baked some nice slider buns for the kids’ school lunches and decked them with pulled pork and homemade corned beef—a huge success, according to the kids.

Fire up the Traeger. Ready your Dutch oven. Go shopping, and let’s start cooking—another Sunday in the Kitchen with music on the magical Demerbox and wonderful aromas filling the room.

WeekdaySnacks n’ BreakfastsLunchDinner
MondayYogurtsPulled pork slidersCreamy blue cheese mushroom pasta
TuesdayEgg sandwichGrilled chicken Caesar saladMeatballs in curry (boller i karry)
WednesdayCerealReuben slidersTraditional Guinness meat stew
ThursdayCerealGrilled pizzaChicken tikka masala
FridayYogurtsDumplings and spring rollsMeatloaf with spuds

One day, I might get so organized that I will link the meals below to my recipes. We can only live in hope!

Have a fantastic week, my friends. I hope you enjoy these meal plans. It is so much easier to make food in advance, although you need to invest several hours in preparing the meals during the weekend.

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