Back in Time with Costello & Blondie

debbieIt was mid-July 2019, and we had another date night planned.

To be honest, I’ve never really been a super fan of neither Elvis Costello nor Blondie.

It was one of those concerts we had to watch before these artists fully disappeared, especially as they were (somewhat) part of my youth.

I, like so many kids in the 80s, had a teen crush on Blondie.  Well, her career and fame were mainly at the end of the 70s and early 80s, but by the time her tracks came to rural Denmark, I was just hitting puberty.

She was this hot blond woman in tight jeans and a t-shirt singing cool songs, with messages I didn’t really listen to or care about, but her songs were catchy.  Most of my friends felt strongly about this bombshell vixen.

Elvis Costelloe on the other hand!  Not much to add there, sorry.  He made some songs, but I couldn’t tell you which, don’t know the words and couldn’t tell you when he was at the height of his career.  To me, he is just an artist I heard about and never followed.

As it turns out, my dear wife was a huge fan of Blondie, so when I saw the tickets I had to pounce on the opportunity.  What better way to spend a warm summer night with your beloved wife, date night, watching a super start from our youth?

We invited another couple, great friends, and drove to the awesome Bethelwoods venue.  Sitting on the lawn under the stars, and just hearing track after track, while drinking a few cold beers.

This is life!

The guys went to get the beer, wine, and food while the ladies chatted and laughed.  While queueing, we heard Blondie opening up her show.  From the sidelines, we heard the very recognizable voice of Blondie, as she belted out some of her famous tunes “Heart of Glass”, “Call Me”, “Rapture” and “The Tide Is High”.

blondieMan, I was amazed at how many songs I recognized, and also how much she sounded like the younger Blondie.  Slightly different view when we saw her on the big screens.

Although still a blond bombshell, she is now a 74-year-old blond vixen, looking hot in her silver outfit and granny runners.  She didn’t perhaps move as much as in the past, and most of the band could’ve been her own kids, well perhaps even her grandkids.

That said, she did a smashing job and really got the crowd going.  By the time we men made it back to our lawn chairs, next to our lovely ladies, Blondie was more than halfway through her set.

Still plenty of energy in the grey vixen on stage.

When she finally wrapped up, the audience was still singing and dancing.  It was truly an extraordinary experience and delighted I got the opportunity to witness this with my wife by my side.

Too bad our Elvis Costello experience wasn’t the same.  And my sincere apology for briefly summarizing his concert in much fewer words.

Once he took to the stage and started playing his songs, the audience suddenly changed the mood.  They sat down, clapped a bit and started to chat more amongst themselves.  It felt more like we were at a local venue, where the music was just background music.

We knew very few songs, if any, and decided to leave Bethelwoods earlier to avoid the traffic leaving the place.

All in all, we had a great date night, and it was great hanging out with good friends.

Blondie stole the show from Elvis,  He was the headliner, but she was the star!

Blondie stole my Viking heart again and it was beating the right rhythm.  Thanks, gorgeous!  Love from the Heart Warrior!

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