An Evening With the Iron Maiden

Flames, darkness, screams and rock n roll

Shortly after Blondie, end of July 2019, I drove to see some metal heroes.

Heavy Metal, flames, screams, hanging tits, smelly middle-aged men, tossed beers and screeching guitars.

Sounds like a perfect man-date evening … and it was.

Some months ago, while I was bound to my La-Z-Boy chair, I bought tickets to various shows, which included Iron Maiden.

I remember vividly listening to Iron Maiden in my teen years, when not drooling over Blondie.  My childhood friend introduced me to Iron Maiden.  At first, I think we were attracted to the cool LP covers featuring Eddie in various illustrations, and secondly, we grew more into the music as the metal cords pumped out through my friend’s 30W speakers.

Not much headbanging going on, but we learned the importance of simple cords and excellent pitches from Bruce Dickenson.

I fully appreciate that metal might be mislabelled today, as there are bands from darkest parts of Norway that scares even the most hardcore metal fans.  But, for me as a teenager, Iron Maiden was hardcore heavy metal.

Fast forward 30 years and I was now packed into Barclay Stadium in Brooklyn, coming face-to-face with my childhood metal band of choice.

I brought a good friend to the gig, and we had somewhat good seats.  Please note I said seats, as I’m too old to stand amongst sweaty men, pushing through to see the stage and get crushed.

I was not this close to the stage, so this is borrowed from the internet 🙂

When Bruce Dickenson entered the stage and started singing ‘Aces High” I was immediately thrown back to the 80s.  I felt a sudden urge to stand up, raise the metal hands and sing along … had I only remembered the lyrics.

I was in awe when suddenly a fighter plane from WW2 appeared over the stage and hovering over the crowds.

There were flames, dark sounds, screams, guitar solos and of course Eddie made an appearance.  What more could I ask for?

This was a proper metal  experience!

Eddie fighting Bruce!

You can easily spot a top performer when Bruce Dickenson goes on stage.  Iron Maiden delivered a top-class concert with all their biggest hits, each song has a story and the stage displays with fire, movies, Eddie and darkness.

This was by far one of the better rock concerts I have witnessed in my life, and so happy that I made it to their concert.

Going to any concert always raises my anxiety and I worry unnecessarily about my heart.  This concert made me relax, heart rate was excellent and I had a super evening.

Thanks, Iron Maiden!

The Viking Heart Warrior loved it!  Iron Maiden decimated Brooklyn and it was an awesome trip down memory lane.

Music is good for you and this was the right prescription for me.  An appropriate dosage of heavy metal 🙂

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