High Blood Pressure and Low BPM

Ever since my little kidney infection adventure in the Dominican Republic, last week, my blood pressure has been higher than normal.

While I was away, I called my cardiologist to make sure that the antibiotics and painkillers were ok to take given my incident last October.  He said it was fine.

It’s apparently not unusual to have higher blood pressure when one has an infection, especially kidney infection, but the anxiety levels increases which in turn does not help me lowering the blood pressure.

I feel somewhat ok most of the day, but can at times feel a little off.

high-blood-pressure-chartI’m much more aware of my body’s ability and can feel when something is not right.  My body is fighting off the infection and that will take its toll on the blood pressure.  It has only been a few days since I finished the antibiotics, but I just want this to go away.

However, what really freaks me out is that my heart rate is excellent although I do get nervous when it drops to between 50-60bpm when resting.  Previously I would be the early 60s when resting, and the “normal” rate for adults is 60-100bpm when resting.

What does it mean that my bpm has dropped overall?  Does it mean I could have developed bradycardia when kidney infection hit me?

Or, is it just a side effect from the medication I was on?

The damn anxiety plays tricks with my mind, and I think that impacts my blood pressure in the wrong direction.

I have made an appointment with my regular doctor to get checked, make sure the infection is gone and also address blood pressure.

The good news is that I have not other symptoms like I had last year.  My breathing is fine, my heart rate great and no discomforts.

How long will this take?

And just to be clear, I’m taking my heart medication as directed, I eat very healthy and stick to my lifestyle change.  I do not smoke and rarely drink alcohol.

The only thing I need to do is to start regular fitness workouts.

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