Viking Powered Ginger Tea

gingerrootAlthough I have a ginger beard, this is not a post about cooking or boiling ginger headed people.  It would be a thing back in the dark ages, but this post is all about healthy ginger tea.

When feeling low energy, the onset of the cold or just need a good kick to your immune system, then this heart friendly tea will do just that.

The history of Ginger goes back over 5000 years when the Indians and ancient Chinese considered it a tonic root for all ailments.  Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a warming spice and comes from the same family as cardamom and turmeric. It has been used in Asian food for centuries.

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As a heart warrior, you are more conscious about what you consume, making sure that you do not disturb the heart rhythm and balance of your immune system.  It’s “funny” how a little change in e.g. caffeine intake can be felt in your body, especially if you have been off caffeine for a long time.

When I fall sick or catching a cold, I use heart friendly over the counter brands and will seek out remedies to cure my cold.

Recently during a business trip to Amsterdam (Netherlands), I visited a small Vietnamese restaurant.  I had been struggling a couple of days with a heavy cold and decided to try their home ginger tea brew.

It was amazing and by the following morning, my cold had left!

This week, when my wife started to feel the onset of a cold, I did some research online to find a quick ginger tea recipe. Based on various approaches, I’ve honed in on my own simple variation, and will happily share – see below steps.

You can slice the ginger, but in order to get the power from the ginger, you would need to boil the slices gently for about 10 minutes, before they are ready for the tea.

Ingredients – for a small 16oz teapot

  • About an inch of fresh ginger root
  • 2 tablespoons of honey (you can use any hoeny you like, including falvor infused)
  • 2 lemons; cut 2 slices for the tea, and squeeze the rest for juice

The simple Viking steps 

  1. Gently remove the peel of the ginger root
  2. Grate it on a fine grater
  3. Place it in a tea filter
  4. Cut two slides off one lemon
  5. Press the juice from the rest of the lemons
  6. Put the honey and lemon slices in the teapot
  7. Insert the tea filter with the grated ginger
  8. Pour boiling water gentle over the grated ginger until teapot is full
  9. Let it rest a few minutes before pouring it into a cup, giving it time to really spread the ginger power around.

A few cups daily should cure most common colds, and also boost your energy levels as well as giving you a Viking’s immune system.

ANd, it is a cheap recipe for helping you to combat common colds, and strengthen your body further.

Check here all the known benefits of using ginger in your diet.

Let me know if you have some cool healthy recipes you want to share.  I’ll be more than happy to post them here, and link to your pages.


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