Incident + 256 Days

happyheartSounds like a RAM memory upgrade or some other computer lingo, but it just the number of days since my heart scare.

It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and heart rhythms, not to mention the dietary changes to help me improve.  There have been bad days, but even more good days, and those are the ones that are more important.

  • I’ve learned from the bad days, and how to better my life through diet and mental exercises
  • I’ve learned to put faith in something higher than me, and it has given me the calmness and mental strength I need
  • I’ve learned to unload unnecessary burdens to live a better and stronger life
  • I’ve learned that food and what we consume makes a huge difference in our ability to recover from illnesses
  • I’ve witnessed friends fade away and new friends emerging
  • I’ve experienced internal emotional changes due to medication, fighting my inner Jekyll and Hyde
  • I’ve grown to love my family even more, despite my inner Jekyll and Hyde playing tricks, which challenges us
  • My family has gotten stronger and yet also challenged as we go through these rollercoasters, and dealing with a teenager
  • My heart has recovered almost 100%
  • I discovered I was claustrophobic and chickened out during an MRI
  • Nurses like my tattoo sleeve but are nervous about where to insert a needle to draw blood, as they do not want to damage tattoos

Although my life back in October seemed certain to disappear slowly, I’ve proven the medical profession wrong.  My cardiologists were convinced that I would need pacemaker/ICD given the poor state my heart was in when I came to the hospital.  For them, it was never a question about that I might recover fully, but a matter of when my heart and body would be strong enough to have the procedure done.

When tests, scans, and vitals showed significant improvements, they were very happy that I had proven them wrong and that might heart had shown impressive progress … and they agreed I have a Viking heart within.

Medical miracles do happen!

Mentally I was accepting that I would not live long enough to enjoy my kids growing up, but I developed strong willpower to fight this illness.  The determination and willingness the cardiologists saw in me, and the strict diet change I made, helped me recover.  With this recovery came an impressive mental boost, and I now know that I will have a long life.

I know how to balance my food, get exercises and avoid stressful situations.  We need a bit of everything in our lives, but all with moderation.

Happy 256 day anniversary Naked Viking and Heart Warrior

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