Count Your Milestones

hero-milestonesEvery milestone you achieve gives you a boost, no matter how small they are, and I hit a major mental milestone last week.

These small or large milestones feel absolutely amazing and it can be difficult for family or friends to fully appreciate your sudden childish outbursts.  They cannot understand why you suddenly smile or cry of happiness, and may look at you bewildered or freaking out that something else might be happening.

Calm down – it’s just a milestone achieved 🙂

I had one of these amazing and yet nerve-wracking milestones a few days ago.  To be exact, on my birthday.

Since being discharged from the hospital, my wife had bought me the Fitbit watch to monitor my health.  More precisely, monitor my heart rate.

I had planned to buy the Apple Watch 4 but it wasn’t being released for several weeks after my discharge, so the Fitbit became my new best electronic friend.

It was monitoring my heart and keeping my anxiety levels down.  You could say it was my service watch.  With it on, I was calm, my heart was tracked and it gave me many relaxed hours … while also see how well my heart was improving.

Even after Apple Watch 4 was released, and after waiting until December for the actual EKG app, I trusted the Fitbit over the Apple Watch.

But, I knew I had to drop one watch over time, and when my birthday came around, and I was feeling much much stronger, I decided to hand the Fitbit to my oldest daughter.

The first few days without my trusted Fitbit, I could feel my anxiety levels elevate a bit, but heart remained good according to my Apple Watch.

After the initial days of settling in with just one watch, I could feel a weight being lifted and I started to smile uncontrollably.  I was very happy.

My heart and my mind had reached another milestone.  What better way to celebrate than this awesome track by Rend Collective.

I’m counting my milestones and my blessings 🙂

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