Meal Plan; 28 November – 2 December

Holy Christmas spirit, are we already in December?

11 months of 2022 have flown by, and it is hard to fathom that we have already celebrated the first Sunday in Advent. Yet, before we know it, we must fight off the evil elf on the shelf, drown Christmas joys in mulled wine, and feast on Christmas goodies.

We’ve hardly left Thanksgiving week behind, where we spent most of the week eating, drinking, eating, and gorging down my “famous” pecan pie – while playing board games and watching movies. It was a lovely family-focused week.

  • I completed more DIY projects than during the past 11 months
  • My wife and daughters spent all day shopping for Black Friday deals
  • Our long-lost daughter visited us from Florida

It was fabulous to have the Viking daughter back at the long hut, although she told me she had a boyfriend. In fairness, I had heard rumors from the women in the house about a potential friend, but not an easy pill to swallow, and I attempted to play it cool.

Having a boyfriend is not bad, and I’m very happy for her, but it is challenging for any father to accept that his baby girl has a boyfriend. So I calmly informed her that he would need to sit down with the knucklehead gang when he visits us for the first time. It ensures that he understands what he’s getting involved with and what might happen if he hurts my Viking princess.

Men in Tights

During the Thanksgiving weekend, my wife scored some tickets to a famous ballet through the TDF organization. I’m not a huge ballet fan, but we all have to take one for the team once in a while. So, we headed to the big apple for the afternoon to watch men (and women) in tights.

The Nutcracker is a story about a girl who attends a Christmas party, plays with some cool new toys, and falls asleep. While visiting dreamland, she meets the fluffy princess, a prince dressed as a nutcracker, and some freakish giant rat, and then attends a party.

Honestly, I didn’t catch or interpret much of the story from the dancing, but my wife was there to explain the plot, the dance moves, and the characters.

I do admit that I might have nodded off a few times during the first act, but I doubt I missed much action.

The production and music are impressive, with some elaborate stage decorations and talented dancers of all ages.

A lighter dinner

Having spent two days eating turkey and devouring all kinds of other sweet and unhealthy food, it is time for a simple detox. A food detox, in my case, achieves two things; clearing the freezer and limiting grocery shopping.

The organic turkey we prepared and ate this year for Thanksgiving was excellent. The flavor and softness of the meat were much better than the store-bought turkey. Of course, it is more expensive, but you certainly get higher quality.

During the week, we will be emptying our leftover meals in the freezer, which serves another purpose. I need to clean out the old fridge freezer in the basement as it is expensive to run, although it is an excellent fridge/freezer. Once cleared, I’ll either donate the unit or bring it to the recycling center to be disposed of.

Lunch is basic this week, too, with bagels from a local shop, some pasta salad, and fried soy noodles.

Friday evening will likely be take-out dinner as I’m attending a Man on Fire event with 50 guys at the local church. We’ll be cooking meat over the fire, my specialty while sharing stories and worship.

MondayToasted bagel with cabbage, tomato, and chickenMeatloaf with gravy and spuds
TuesdayEgg & Cheese BagelVeggie Bake
WednesdayNoodles w/ soy and red pepperTender beef and Pasta
ThursdayPasta saladPasta Surprise
FridayPizza SlicesMan on Fire event

One day, I might get so organized that I will link the meals below to my recipes. We can only live in hope!

Have a fantastic week, my friends. I hope you enjoy these meal plans. It is much easier to make food in advance, although you must invest several hours preparing meals during the weekend.

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