January Wedding

I stumbled across The Avett Brothers some years back, during our first year as immigrants in the US. A friend recommended the band to me. It was almost love at first listen, but the more I played their music, the more I grew to appreciate their talent.

When the ‘I and Love and You‘ album hit the virtual music store, I snapped my digital copy. It played nonstop in the car to the office, and I wonder how I never crossed paths with their music.

Years have passed since my first meeting with the brothers (not in person of course), and I have purchased several of their albums.

Do yourself a favor and listen to these guys. Give them a chance. Google them and shuffle their songs, preferably while you are enjoying a few beers.

They deliver positive energy, excellent play between the guitar and banjo, and their lyrics truly tell stories. Soon you will be tapping along, humming along, and expanding your playlists on your favorite streaming platform.

I would love to one day have the privilege to see them in concert, Even better, share a beer with the brothers and listening to their story.

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