Meal Plan; 31 January – 6 February

Our friendly weather people are predicting heavy snow, dropping 14-18 inches of snow in our area. Cold and deep snow calls for hearty food – dishes that warms the soul while watching the snow build up. Schools may have snow days, unless they decide to just go fully virtual next week.

Our oldest daughter has to stay home from school all next week, as a person in her class tested positive for COVID-19. We are not too worried. It’s more of a precaution and our daughter is great at keeping safe while in public. Still, it is frustrating.

One day, I might get so organized that I will link the meals below to my recipes. We can only live in hope!

The coming week calls for fish, lentils, and Israeli kitchen wonders.

SundaySabih with chopped salad
MondayHomemade chicken fingersGranola barsSpinach, mushroom, shrimp and chorizo lasagna – part 1
TuesdaySandwiches with spreadsGranola barsPacific Salmon Chowder
WednesdayChicken Cesar saladVegetable snacksViking Lentil Stew
ThursdaySandwiches with spreadsGranola barsSpinach, mushroom, shrimp and chorizo lasagna – part 2
FridaySandwiches with spreadsVegetable snacksTake-out dinner
supporting local restaurant
SaturdayLeft-overSimple family dinner while I meet up with the boys for beers, grilled seafood and a few shots of whiskey

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