Change Starts With You

*** WARNING – this post might trigger your inner political beast ***

Wow!  We thought 2020 could not get any worse when we started to shut down countries mid-March, and the closure of all non-essential businesses and of course schools.

  • “Welcome” to a man-made pandemic, circling the Globe
  • Turning companies into empty shells as we are now fully remote workplaces
  • Clipping the wings of our economic growth and massive job cuts
  • Suffocating small business and local communities
  • Thousands infected and killed by the awful COVID-19
  • Killer hornets, the size of small birds, invading the World
  • Homeschooling, at the risk of our children’s learnings
  • Potential UFO sightings reported
  • Mother Nature’s wrath shown in hurricanes, cyclones, and earthquakes
  • The unnecessary police action that killed George Floyd

…and now we have decided to sprinkle a little burning and looting into the mix!

All these events are fueled by people on both sides of the political aisle, and simple adding to the Political Civil War that we have ignited.

The instigators of the lastest events do not listen to reason, history, or opinions that they may not agree with.  They treat people like sh*t, and we all forget that progress will not happen unless we talk.

Actions at times speak very loudly, but the wrong actions will not get you the respect and support that we need to change the current environment.

Change starts with each one of us, but more importantly, change starts with you!

There have been and are many injustices throughout history, and we have overcome them all.  Some events left deep scars and others are just a footnote in the history books.  It is up to us how we want our kids to look at our achievements, and if we do not change our behaviors towards each other, then they will only continue what they have learned.

  • Do you really want to show kids that violence is the answer to change?
  • Do you really want our kids to think that the action of a few reflects the intentions of everyone?
  • Do you really want our kids to blame others for their (our) failings?
  • Do you really want to educate our kids that we cannot have free speech and calmly ask questions or disagree?
  • Do you really want to tell our kids that they cannot express their religion, have political views, share biological facts, allow them to drive progress, and not having to conform to pressure from media and aggressive groups?
  • Do you want your kids to lead with emotions and anger, and not facts?
  • Why should our kids apologize for having these views and why should they be punished?

Should we really teach them that bullying is ok, and strongly enforced, if they do not have the same opinions as these agitators?

Change starts with each one of us, but more importantly, change starts with you!

You make the change in your behavior and you will see people will treat you differently.

You can be the difference.  Don’t wait for someone to start.  It starts with you!

Yes, there is a lot of pain in communities these days, but waiting for the political leaders to fix these is going to take too long.

However, it does not give you the right to ignite violence, burn shops, hurt people around you and throw milions into further distress.  Your pain is real, but let’s deal with this like adults and actually make changes.

Throwing tantrums and expecting others to fix your problems is not the way forward, and it only makes your arguments fade away, and spectators will no longer respect your demands.

  • Is it fair to blame others for our failings, within our own communities?  Should we not fix these and learn that respective our communities, work across color, sex, religion, and political affiliation can create awesome results?

I’m in a mixed relationship; South American beauty and fire to my right, and me a Nordic Viking (white as flour) standing strong by her side.  We have faced many obstacles together, including racism.

These are not acceptable, but they are the actions of some twats that have some strange distorted views.

We do not pay any attention too long, and we have to move forward.  If we keep focusing on the negative, we would never achieve it.  It consumes your soul and makes you an angry person.  Expecting others to fix your problems is unrealistic, and you would be waiting for a long time.

That does not mean we can’t help each other build a future and support where we want to go.  You can support your friends, neighbors, and colleagues, and help them achieve their goals.  it is all about looking at positive things and respect one another.

We have both worked our ways through life and earned where we are today.  No one helped us to achieve this.  It is not the result of any priviliges, but a result of determination and togetherness.  We were brought with different values but combined our upbringing to deliver something great.

My father taught me to treat others the way I want to be treated, and that is how I live.  It teaches this to my kids and I hope they will see my actions are supporting this statement.

In my family, we value people and do not care about their policical affiliation, their skin color, their religion or economic status.  We don’t treat people differently based on these differences.  Those are irrelevant.  However, we look at their actions and support and treat people with respect.

The hate, negativity and bullying that is hurled at people, for sharing their views is scary and unbelievable.  I cannot understand where this hatred comes from, and find it hard to respect that level of behavior.

Succumbing to pressure from these agitators, political “leaders”and social/news media outlets is unacceptable, and only leads to more confrontations.  Do not teach our kids to bully and hurt others, just because of our differences of opinions!

Let’s sit down and talk things through, and I’m certain that we will find great solutions, ideas, and paths forward.  You may not get everything you demand, but you have to be flexible and open to other thoughts.

I have no doubt that many will hate my post, and may even seek to verbally abuse me or try to put me down.  I respect their views and happy to have a more civil conversation that does not entail violence, shouting, and decisions bassed on emotions.

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