Yet Another Year Has Passed

Thank you!  I have in the past 48 hours received a tremendous amount of well wishes as I flip another number of my age.  People from around the world reached out with greetings and messages of joy.  It is truly amazing to get these soundbites and words of happiness when my birthday comes around.

I’m blessed to have so many people in my life who express their happiness and take time to write a few words.  It may not seem much when you get a reminder from your favorite social media notification about an upcoming birthday, but the actions you take to share your best wishes make me humble.

So, the question is, has the last year given me more wisdom, and have I been greeted with grey hairs yet?  What have I learned?

On my birthday in 2019, I was overjoyed that I had made it past the hurdles of heart failure.  During my darkest moments, I had not expected to live that long after being diagnosed with heart failure.

Now, after another 12 months, I can truly say that I am blessed.  My life has changed for the better, and I’m surrounded by a great and loving family, who have supported me tirelessly.  Even if I at times have been down or fighting some inner demons fueling my anxiety.

My kids are maturing and excelling in front of my eyes.  They are growing up to be great individuals, and forming their own opinions and perform at a high level in school.  I have no doubt they will meet their goals and become awesome people.

I made a huge change in September 2019, professionally, and it has been such a great journey meeting so many new and wonderful people.  We have achieved a lot of things in this short timeframe, and I’m proud to work with and lead the new team.

I do feel that I have matured even more and have become a better person.

I respect people and treat them as I want to be treated.  I avoid getting into political debates, as i want our opinions to affect how we interact with each other.  It is proving very hard, but we all have to try to shape this world to something great.

EVFQ0532While I do not agree with all opinions, I value their differences and try to look positively on the outlook for the next 12 months.

The reality of my birthday is that I still look the same.  Sorry to disappoint, but the Viking look stays and the beard is part of me.  I cannot change my look, so still a ginger bearded wonderboy.

Let’s moved foreard.  Let’s love and respect each other.  Let’s achieve great stuff.

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