Pause – Think – Before You Destroy

*** WARNING – this post might trigger your inner political beast ***

Let’s hit the pause button, and assess what has been achieved to date by the violence and destruction that a certain group is causing.

Let’s think about the consequences of these actions before we even consider demolishing our historical monuments, defunding the police, and plunge into further turmoil.

I can only hope that there are some logical thoughts behind recent decisions by these agitators, and not just emotionally fueled and rash decisions by some left-wing groups being manipulated by some greater political powers.  They are puppets.

If we rewind the global timeline back some years, we all remember how ISIS destroyed historical monuments as they set their world ablaze. They wanted to erase anything that reminded them about another civilization and creates a new world order of fear and violence.

The World was in outrage.  How did this autonomous group dare to destroy these fantastic monuments, thousands of years old, that symbolized the great journey we have been through?

We need these relics to look at our great past, learn from their achievements and failures, and look upon them with amazement as we do not know how some of them were even created.

Today, in 2020, we are allowing historical monuments to be destroyed or desecrated, all in the name of progress and correcting the past.  Some groups and individuals believe that these actions will magically erase or heal wounds.

Do you realize that we are completing what ISIS wanted to do, destroying our world?!

Some groups are attempting to wipe the history clean of events that might hurt someone’s feelings in 2020.  If that is the case, then every great monument, every civilization, every philosopher, king, a ruler, religion has to be wiped from history, and their monuments striking down.

Throughout history, there has been slavery, violence, oppression, and wars fought over minor differences.  Leaders made certain decisions that, at the time, seemed like great decisions, and the world moved forward.  Without some of these decisions, we would not have the liberties we enjoy today.  It is the price of evolution and progress.

At least you have the freedom to voice your opinions, you get support from the governments so you do not go poor.  You have elected politicians who should make decisions and policies based on what the people want.

The freedom of speech is granted to all but is no longer allowed for those with other opinions and thoughts.  If you are against these groups, then you are punished by legal means, fired from a job that you have done well, or mocked.  Just because some might have different opinions on some topics, does not mean they are racists or not black.

Today, people are apologizing for having opposite views or beliefs, in order to please, even when nothing vile or malicious was uttered.  They are afraid of being cancelled and losing money!

The act of canceling, also referred to as cancel culture (a variant on the term “callout culture”) describes a form of a boycott in which an individual (usually a celebrity) who has shared a questionable or controversial opinion, or has had behavior in their past that is perceived to be offensive recorded on social media, is “canceled”; they are ostracized and shunned by former friends, followers and supporters alike, leading to declines in any careers and fanbase the individual may have at any given time. Source Wikipedia

Former President Barack Obama notably criticized cancel culture (though not using the words as such), arguing that easy social media judgments don’t amount to true social activism.  This does not make it right, but deleting the history does not fix it either.  We have to fix it today, with dialogue and policies.  Barack Obama

The politicians work for you!  Hold them accountable, and re-elect others if the current ones don’t deliver.  That is your right and freedom.  We are all part of the problem if we continue to elect the same people, who for decades have not delivered the change we crave or expected.

Instead of sorting to violence and destruction, you should come up with suitable and workable solutions.  Solutions that can be discussed, tweaked, and implemented.  That is how democracy work.

When you burn, steal, hijack city blocks and sort to violence, then you lose the respect of your fellow countrymen, and simply become a problem that others need to address.

Your actions cause more damage to the general public.  Low and medium income families who need help are seriously affected.  Funds and support that would help these groups, is being diverted to support your excessive needs for attention.

Antifa has managed to hijack the chance of addressing racism worldwide, by acting like a bunch of kids in a kindergarten.  They need more attention or they throw tantrums, or perhaps they missed getting their participation trophy.

They destroy properties and communities, negatively impacting local businesses and families.  Communities they claim to be fighting for!

There has been plenty of violence and bad decisions made throughout history, but many of these events and rulers have also made it possible for Antifa to drink the Starbukcs, while tweeting and live-streaming from their iPhone.  Many of these events started in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia than in the US.  Heck, even South Americans prospered from slave trade, human sacrifices, and evil leaders.

Does that mean we need to cancel history, cancel our past, cancel our progress to date, just to please the angry Antifa who hijacked the racism movement?

What is more frustrating and laughable is when the celebrities, primarily Hollywood, get involved and share their sudden developed wisdom.  How dare they get involved?

These celebrities sit in their mansions, with millions in the back, and only share their “heartfelt” concerns with the World, posting a black/white “heartfelt” short mive, so they can sell their products or movie release.  It is all about money to them, and gaining public support and likability; increasing their fan base to gain more money.

  • Jason Momoa, an ok action movie actor, is fighting hard to protect his ancestors and their history in Hawaii.  He uses his platform to promote awareness, and I love it.  However, he also promotes that the people should fight, and acknowledges that it means violence.  He quickly forgot that his ancestors in Hawaii had slave workers and would often sacrifice these to please the gods.  Surely we should not eliminate and delete his history?!
  • Dave Bautista, another average movie actor, is spouting hate and violence towards people who do not voice the same views he holds.  I appreciate he wants to promote his latest movie, but he should also know from his own less pleasant past that learning from elders is vital in order to achieve positive outcomes.  Especially as he comes with Greek and Philipino roots that are both great civilizations, again founded on slaves and violent leaders.  I’m sure he wants to retain his heritage.

Celebrities are fueling the divide and political unrest.  They pretend to know what it is like being in a low or middle-income family, being a colored person/family, or trying to earn enough to live a good life – only to look like gobshites preaching from their mansions.

When they donate to GoFundMe sites to post bail for Antifa criminals, they are stoking the fires and aiding the criminals who are destroying our great cities and communities.  That is a criminal offense in my book.

My advice to the celebrities “Sit down and shut up if you have nothing constructive to offer, no solution or workable conversation.  Help with a positive dialogue instead of fueling the fires.  Low and middle-income families do not need your fake tears.  People of color do not need blacked-out squares on instagram, but better policies and programs to build up their families.

On the other hand, if we cannot have dialogue and make changes together, then let’s welcome Barter-town and the wasteland, as the world will be dragged into a gigantic war of civilization survival.  All because a small group of Antifa did not get enough attention in kindergarten or missed out on participation trophies.

Start taking some responsibility before you decide to break and destroy other people’s stuff.  If you do not like something, don’t watch or listen to it.  Start taking some ownership for your own decisions, and stop pointing fingers at the stuff you don’t like.  The answer is fairly simple, just ignore or move on from these things.  Your life will be better 🙂 and you will have less stress and anger.

Rant over!

Change starts with each of us.  Treat people the way you want to be treated.  Let’s stop, think, and find ways forward, together.

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