Song of the day: Pour Some Sugar On Me

poisondefmotleyThis is one concert that I’m looking forward to attending later this year, and probably the only concert that has not been postponed or canceled yet – Def Lepard and friends.

I’m pretty sure it’ll be a kick-ass event with 80s/90s rock dudes, wearing the same gear they did back then and the same big hair.

Not to mention that they’ll be joined by Motley Crue, another great band, as well as special guest appearances by Poison and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts.  What a day and evening it’ll be.

Will you be the Stadium Tour too?  Rock on, dude!

The audience has most likely not have changed much either.  Or at least pretend not to have changed much either.  We are older with families, and yet squeeze ourselves into our ripped jeans and heavily worn-out t-shirts.

The cool thing about this concert is, assuming it does not get canceled, that it will be one giant COVID-19 lock-down release celebration.  We might not hug, but at least fist bumps and big smiles, sipping beer through a strange facemask.

During my teens, I vividly remember headbanging in my friend’s room to this track and partying with my mates on weekends.  It was the go-to song to get a party started … and it still is.

It reminds me of Wayne’s World.  Although grown-up, we still hang on to our youth, the memories, and the great music.  As soon as this song comes on, we grab our air guitars and start fiddling along.

Pretty amazing that the drummer continued to play for the band, even after losing an arm during a car accident.  That is a pure rock mentality for you!

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