Song of the day: Kickstart My Heart

I know exactly where I was when this track was released back in November 1989.

I was an exchange student in the US, in the great state of Washington.

It was a perfect year for me and I got to experience something that not many could.  A year away from my family, and trying to fit in with a host family.  Going to high school.  Thrown straight into a foreign culture and speak a foreign language 24/7.

The song aired on MTV and I was hanging out with some mates from high school, while we jumped around in the basement in front of the 60″ backlit TV, with the original Nintendo tugged onto the shelf.  It was a blast!

Motley Crue controlled the airways and exploded on the TV.  It was awesome rock and it was surrounded by controversy.  It was perfect for us teenage kids.

It is a perfect song to yell out “MURICA!!!”.  Punch the gas pedal to the floor of your C10 pick-up truck, with a gunrack in the rear window, while blindfolded.  You pull out your 1911 handgun and fire a few rounds into the night sky.  All while drinking Mountain Dew,  waiving the Old Glory, watching fireworks, and seeing a flok of Bald Eagles floating across the horizon.  If I was single, a super blond bombshell with fake boobs would be sitting next to me and screaming of laughter.

This is an American rock anthem.  We love this place.  It’s time to kick some ass!

Then the entire solar system implodes.

I’m looking forward to seeing these guys in August with Def Lepard.  Asuming the Government does not decide to cancel our freedoms further!

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