Time to cook with the family

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and while countries are in emergency mode, it is only natural to be extremely worried.  Especially for our elderly people who are at high risk, people with chronic illnesses and of course our kids will show signs of fear – they need extra support these days, even just virtually.

It is important that we take of each other and make sure to check in on family, relatives, and friends … using online tools and phones.

Wash them damn hands and less hugging.

At home, we need to find activities to distract our kids from the strange things that is happening to the world right now.  Show them that it is not healthy to watch movies 24/7.  It is an excellent opportunity to do stuff together; laugh, paint, read, play in the garden and cook.

Kitchen skills are underrated these days and many kids might not even know how to prepare boiled eggs, cook pasta or use the oven.


Over the last many months, I’ve shared many recipes, and perhaps now would be a good time for you to explore some of these.  Most recipes can easily be made with your kids.

I’m in the process of releasing more recipes, so keep checking in on my site.

My recipes are healthier than most as I’ve removed or substituted ingredients while still keeping the awesome flavors.  I rarely use salt and use e.g. almond milk for cooking.

We need to teach our kids that it can be fun to make food, just make sure to also include cleaning up after yourself 🙂


I’ve just invested in a dehydrator oven to help us prolong the life of vegetables.

We can make our own healthier veggie chips, jerky, fruits and reduce kitchen waste by preventing vegetables from expiring by using the dehydrator.

Spend some time with the kids.  Explore baking recipes and select recipes like bread, snacks, cookies, etc. that you can eat this week, but also freeze for later consumption.

I’m very happy we have the fridge/freezer in the basement, for additional freezing and cooling capacity. It allows us to prepare meals during the weekend, to be consumed later in the week and also to prolong the life of homemade bread.

Happy cooking my friends!

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