Cooking with the Heart Warrior

Cooking.  An essential part of life.  A skill we all need to somewhat master, to provide for our loved ones and ourselves.  It does not need to be fancy Michelin star rated dinners, but simple foods that you enjoy.

I remember having a nice sitdown dinner with my parents throughout my childhood.  There was no eating allowed in front of the TV or our rooms.  We sat down around the table and talked.  No phones or other distractions.  Just my family.

It is something that we really strive towards in my own family, but we often fail due to long workdays and other activities.

We tend to rush through the week, stressing about school work, house chores, after-school activities, parent/teacher meetings, work events.

We have hardly time to make a simple sandwich and even less time to sit down around the dinner table to eat as a family.

Many times it is also because we get home late and have to cook dinner.  We get stressed and as a result of the dinner we make tastes flat and flavorless, or it ends up being pasta dishes.

I love cooking and baking for my family, although it dislikes cooking during the week.  It is not ideal to eat between 7pm and 8pm.  It is too close to bedtime for the kids and they don’t get a chance to digest the food.

Even worse, we don’t get to talk about the day and spend time with our kids.  It has to change, and I’ve made a big change to improve that.

I make all dinners on Sundays, then freeze or fridge them.  It reduces the stress levels tremendously and we can eat in peace.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I share a lot of recipes on this site, with the sole purpose of sharing my culinary experiences with you, so you can learn and enjoy healthier eating.

I’m not a chef and none of these recipes were conceived by me.  I have found the majority of them in magazines, cookbooks, Instagram, and our wonderful internet.

Although I find the recipes, I make them my own and will change them to suit our palettes and healthy eating choices.

When I attempt to make a dish, I make it healthier and will substitute certain ingredients to reduce salt and fat levels.  I use more vegetables and have become very picky in regards to the ingredients I use.  (more about that later)

… dishes will never look like the pictures in the cookbook, but they taste fantastic!

Here are a few tricks;

  • make your food plan for the week on Saturdays
  • get your kids involved in the planning, and hopefully cooking
  • remember to add breakfast and lunch meals to your food plan
  • create your grocery store list, and only buy what is on the list
  • prepare all the dishes on Sundays
  • drag your kids into the kitchen to help – they need to learn

It is important that you involve your kids.  They need to learn how to boil potatoes, make eggs, read instructions in the cookbook, prepare shopping lists, etc.

I firmly believe that this is a skill that is being forgotten and we teach our kids that they just need to order food at the restaurant or buy freezer dinners.

Even worse, they start signing up to these strange Blue Apron boxes that are shipped to your home, buying prepared meals for them and thereby not learning how to plan, shop and cook.

Anyway, please check out some of my recipes and let me know what you think.

Get your kids involved, enjoy the bonding and celebrate your creations 🙂

Homecooked food tastes a lot better than store-bought ready-made meals.

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