Sons and Daughters of BACA

It may sound like a spinoff of the Sons of Anarchy series, but this is a realtime bunch of bikers who have made it their sole purpose to protect and guard children who are victims of child abuse.

WOW – such a noble cause, helping and protecting children.  This is something that I can get fully behind with my Viking heart.  If I just had a bike!

Bikers Against Child Abuse aka BACA, is a group of bikers who wants to make children going through abuse feel safe, by inviting them into their gang.  Once in their gang, these bikers will hang out with the kid, guard the family home and even go to court with these innocent victims.

BACAwas started in Utah in 1995 and has grown to an international organization, protecting children.

These sons and daughters of BACAare awesome and heroes.

Thanks for your service!

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