Song of the Day: I Need a Miracle

In January 2019 I witnessed a miracle!

I was at my lowest mentally and had difficulties accepting my situation.  My anxieties grew bigger and darker.  I was fearing that I would not live a good life.  My heart was damaged.

How would I be a dad for my kids and a husband for my wife, when I could not provide?

There was no hope for me and I prayed for forgiveness before I would meet my maker.  I had to enter heaven with a clean conscience and prayed that he would look after my family if I departed this world.

"I haven’t prayed since I was young
But “Lord above, I need a miracle”

I also prayed and asked for healing.  Part of me had no desire to leave this world and I felt I had more to do here.  I wanted to be there for my kids and my wife.  I was seeking healing and asked for forgiveness.

Shortly after, some days thereafter, I felt some strange movements in my heart, a few bubbles.  It was as if my heart got a kickstart or reboot, and I felt instantly different.

Three weeks later I visited my cardiologist for my monthly check-up and he gave me the news that my heart had corrected itself, and now I just need to rebuild strength.

That was my miracle

What is yours?

Third-Day made a perfect song about miracles and prayers.  Listen to it and start praying yourself.  It works!

"Well, no matter who you are
And no matter what you’ve done
There will come a time
When you can’t make it on your own
And in your hour of desperation
Know you’re not the only one
Prayin’, “Lord above, I need a miracle”
“I need a miracle”

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