Christmas Song #16: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Song #16 of #25

I’m a rebel!

This song was considered inappropriate last Christmas and I’m sure it’s being targeted this Christmas too.  So, before it is banned – let’s hear it for Andy Williams.

Andy, the Ol’ Geezer, made this a super version and what’s wrong with mommy kissing Santa.  It’s Christmas after all and perhaps it was just daddy dressed as Santa  LOL

Sometimes, a song is just a song, and this song has been around for decades and it truly part of the Christmas greatest hits.

The song describes a scene where a child walks downstairs from his bedroom on Christmas Eve to see the mother kissing “Santa Claus” under the mistletoe.  The lyric concludes with the child wondering how his father will react to hearing of the kiss, little knowing it is, in fact, his father in the Santa costume.

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