Song of the Day – The Beard Came Here to Party

I’m a bearded Viking, and I’m produ of my beard.  It has certainly qualities and I think it suits me 🙂

This is just a fun track that celebrates us, bearded dudes.  It shares many bearded warrior’s views on their beards.  We are proud of our beards.

Having a beard is awesome and it comes with a heap of benefits:

  • It oozes manliness
  • People respect the beard
  • You can store food for days
  • It’s a good tickle 🙂
  • If long enough, it can act as a scarf

Anyway, enjoy this track from Tim Montana, an awesome country rock dude with a great beard.  Thank you for being awesome Tim!

You gotta check out his other work as well.  It’s brilliant and excellent party music, and even better for the backyard BBQ party.

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