I wanna remember – great duet

Seriously, how cool is this song and duet with NEEDTOBREATHE and the awesome Carrie Underwood. Bear, the NEEDTOBREATHE lead singer has such an amazing voice, and it fits perfectly with Carrie.

I close my eyes, listen to the lyrics, and remember the moments I spend with my wife. We have had a few challenging times, but are stronger together. We are a great team, I think, and I wanna remember all the great stuff.

This songs certainly inspires me to remember. Fantastic performance and strong lyrics. Go check it out and get ready for the next album being released by these guys.

I wanna memorize you

Wanna stay here forever

Cause I, I…

I take a picture in my mind so we’re always together

Cause I, I wanna remember

I wanna remember

How often do you tell your partner that you love them?

I tell my wife each day, and not just as a casual comment. I mean it, and I know she does too. Since my heart failure, it is important to appreciate life more and share my appreciation for people I care about.

I cannot wait to attend the NEEDTOBREATHE concert in NYC in the fall, with my wife. It’ll be an excellent date night, in the city we enjoy and with each other … and and in the great company of NEEDTOBREATHE.

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