Any culture that has been on the sea all have stories about large sea monsters that kill people and sink ships. They all agree that it is a beast of the sea. They are called sea monsters and comes primarily from the sea. They are all enormous.

The Leviathan is one of these sea monsters and it has several mentions in many mythologies and religions. It is a serpent-like monster that drags down ships, causing havoc and fear on the seven seas.

Loch Ness, Leviathan, Calypso, Moby Dick, Midgards Serpent, Kraken, Megladon, Cthulhu, Ottoia, Scylla & Charybdis, Sirenes – each monster has a name. They are all terrifying.

Leviathan open your eyes

I cannot save the world’s demise

All alone with no armor

Your burning eyes shine from under

Lyrics from Volbeat’s Leviathan

The Bible, aka the Old Testament, Leviathan is referred to as a multiheaded sea serpent that is killed by God and given as food to the Hebrews in the wilderness. In Isaiah the Leviathan is a serpent and a symbol of Israel’s enemies, who will be slain by God.

Some have even suggested that Moby Dick is a Leviathan, a giant sea monster, Ahab’s fatal nemesis.

Others mention that Leviathan can be referred to as the people, and a King that rules the human Leviathan should expect that it cannot be controlled or kept down. People will eventually rise against the evil rulers, causing the demise of the Ruler.

Or, could the Leviathan be in our mind – the vast complication of the human mind is indeed a leviathan, and we have to harmonize the psychological, spiritual, and social aspects of the human leviathan aka mind.

Joh Milton makes suggestions in his book Paradise Lost, that the Leviathan is Satan. No longer an angel in God’s heavenly Court, but is now a “Sea-beast” with the power to pull any man into the unforgiving deep.

This is mind-blowing altogether. Too much brain wrenching on a Wednesday morning. Let’s just sit back, turn up the volume, and listen to some excellent rock music by the amazing Danish band Volbeat.

I’m a proud Dane supporting an awesome Danish rock band – even when living abroad. Any excuse to see these guys in concert is on my bucket list.

I had tickets to go see Volbeat in NYC in 2020, but the earthly version of Leviathan (COVID-19) attempted to destroy mankind. Everything closed down and the concert was unfortunately cancelled. Hopefully Volbeat will return to NYC area in the near future.

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