Today is Zac Brown Day

That is assuming you are a member of the Zac Brown Band Family aka Zamily. I’m not part of the inner circle, but we did attend an awesome streaming concert on the 8th of May.

Watching a streaming concert is far from the real thing. Firstly because you sit in your pajamas, track suit or some might even go almost commando. Although commando is not too comfortable in a leather recliner.

I’m excited to share that Zac Brown Band are going on tour again, starting in August. Their tickets are going on presale today, 12th of May, but only for the Zamily or if you have the special code from the Sessions event.

I have the special code!

I’m special and I’m not sharing my magic key. Does that make me an ass?

Most likely, but I want my fair opportunity to get tickets for the Zac Brown Band Comeback Tour.

With COVID restrictions easing, it is battle stations and virtual queuing. Thousands of people will be in line to get tickets, as they are fighting to get out of the house. Heck, it will be a stampede as people try to get back to some normality.

In honor of ZBB Day – I’m sharing one of his great songs. At least I like and it helps me get ready for a feew hours of music, beers, shitty concert foods, and a designated driver if we bring our 17-year old daughter.

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