Mother’s Day with Mr. T

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers out there. Yes, you are all beautiful – big, small, skinny, not-so-skinny, hobbit height, medium height, or high-tower. Color or no color – you are awesome, and you do a fantastic job – despite what your teenage kids might say at times.

We (men) appreciate all you do. You even enjoy our burned BBQ dinners, beer bellies, and the awesome dad body that has taken us years to perfect. You smirk when we walk around in cargo shorts, sandals, and white socks. The appreciation for our imperfections is on another level!

Kids, hug your mother ASAP. A nice hug does not cost you anything, but it means the World to your mother, feeling love and gratefulness. Actions have a more profound impact than just a high five and a casual “I love you!”.

If you don’t have a mother nearby, hug a random woman, but be careful, it could be considered weird and accompanied by a large smack.

To my own mother – I’ve done alright and you have taught us kids well. We love you!

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