Music is an important part of my life. I’m not a musician and can only play 3 cords on my guitar.

During my early twenties, I grew my hair long and attempted to serenade girls – nothing successful. Hence I now work in IT and scrapped my viking tour plans early on. Clearly no future in music for me, and I sound like a seagull when I sing!

The radio is always on in the car or when working at home. When a song comes on I enjoy, I quickly launch Shazam to identify it. If I like it enough, I will check out the album on iTunes and most likely purchase their album.

Music can help you deal with challenges you go through, taking your mind off negative thoughts and help you exercise. Some music even bring back great memories.

I recently came across a very cool band called Whiskey Myers. They don’t fit into a specific genre. During a recent interview, the lead singer confirmed that genres should not define their music. They cover country, blues, rock, and other genres, and should not be limited.

This band does not disappoint.

Crank up the stereo and let the Southern rock fill up the space!

Whiskey Myers has been around since 2011 and have released a number of albums. I can highly recommend listening to this awesome band – great sound and unique style. Don’t expect the usual soft and meaningless lyrics. These boys tell stories in their songs – real stories from their lives.

Then graduation came
You was big city bound
I was going nowhere fast
So I just hung around
By the next time I seen you
Your love had grown cold
So I guess you broke my heart
Back where the dogwood flowers grow

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