I Dreamed of Christmas

We all miss a special person or family during Christmas, which is particularly true if we live far from our families. With COVID in full 2nd wave across many countries, some government officials are shutting down our Christmas celebrations. As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse.

George Michael lost his mother in 1997, and went through a terrible dark time. He attempted several suicides, and went deeper into depression. He could unfortunately not see many ways out.

I too felt lost when my father passed away 10 years ago. Despite living far away from home, he was always there for me. Just a phone call away, to provide guidance. Our first Christmas without him was terrible, and the family had a tough time trying to adjust.

“I was in the black hole. I just used to sleep and sleep. Some days I could barely put one foot in front of the other.”

George Michael

George Michael dug his way out of the darkness and wrote a beautiful song about how much he misses his mother, and how special Christmas is. It brings many memories of joy, and Christmas is a special time that wipes away many dark memories.

There was always Christmas time
Jesus came to stay
I could believe in peace on Earth
And I could watch TV all day
So I dreamed of Christmas
Yes, I dreamed like you

We need to reach out to friends and family who might be struggling this Christmas. Actually, we need to always look after people we are close with, making sure they stay mentally strong. All it takes a quick call, checking in on them. Make them feel special and important.

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