Christmas in Killarney

Killarney. What a wonderful place to spend time, and especially having a family Christmas there.

We’ve been to Killarney several times, and absolutely love the landscape, the village, the pubs, and most of all, the friendly people.

It is no wonder that Rend Collective chose Killarney for one of their Christmas songs. The Irish band makes some excellent songs, and they have nice Irish happiness to them. They are fast and cheerful. The lyrics are wonderful.

Rend Collective is one of our family’s favorite bands. Not many days go by without their tunes filling the house with a joyful spirit.

The holly green, the ivy green
The prettiest picture you've ever seen
Is Christmas in Killarney
With all of the folks from home
It's nice you know, to kiss your beau
While cuddling under the mistletoe
And Santa Claus, you know of course
Is one of the boys from home

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