Jingle Bells

Do you remember the late 80s and early 90s, when the rock scene was filled with skinny, long-haired dudes, happily showing off their extremely bony upper torso while wrapped in some extremely tight jeans?

Skid Row was one of the more famous bands from that time, releasing a few hits, with Sebastian Bach leading the charge. I can at least remember the top three tracks:

  • Youth Gone Wild
  • I Remember You
  • 18 and Life

I do not remember much else from their albums. These three songs are on my playlist, and I thoroughly enjoy the 2-3 minutes when one of the songs blast out on the speakers.

Sebastian had, and I’m sure has, a great voice. You have no doubt it’s him when when you hear a rock tune on the radio. I wonder if he had the wrong manager as I believe he could’ve made it big, with the right support and focused interest from his management team.

I actually bumped into Sebastian Bach 15 years ago, in Copenhagen airport, as we flew home to Ireland, and I assume he was flying to the US. He looked a little wrecked, even if it was 11 am. I assume that he had been applying the rock n roll lifestyle the evening and night before, partying in the Danish nightlife.

It is perhaps hard to imagine that these rock dudes would release Christmas tunes. In fact, many of the famous rock bands have released some tribute to the Santa season, including Skid Row.

Let me introduce ‘Jingle Bells’ by Skid Row, with the iconic vocals by Sebastian Bach. Perhaps not his proudest moment, but I really enjoy these rock versions.

Merry Xmas to my metal head friends!

UPDATE Slightly embarrassing update, and with a correction by the great Sebastian Bach himself. I wrongly assumed it was Sebastian singing this cover version, which would have been very cool. Unfortunately, I did not do my research. It is performed by another lead singer of Skid Row.

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