Song of the Day: Jump

If someone says Van Halen, this IS THE video and song I can think of—and early MTV–the real thing….in the 80s

1984 – I was not even a teenager yet. Some older friends were slowly introducing me to the joyous world of rock music, starting with AC/DC and Van Halen. The guitar riffs, the drums, the long messy hair, topless and sweaty. That pretty much sums up the rock videos and concerts.

Fun fact – Van Halen was formed in 1972, the year I was born, in Pasadena California.

I seriously doubt that my parents had MTV back in the 80s. Our single 30″ TV only had 6-8 channels, mostly German, with many Danish channels. Yes, that was back when we were not distracted by 100s of channels, Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming evil offsprings.

I vividly remember the iconic keyboard tunes kicking off a mad man jumping on stage. It was awesome.

Back then, our parents controlled the remote (if we had a remote). You had to watch a TV show only on the days it aired. We used a TV guide. If nothing of interest were on, we would read, play games, or create amazing Lego villages.

Many kids my age and older knew this song quickly, as it was on every radio station. Most had perfected the ‘jump’ sequences, running down the hallway playing air guitar and jumping at the exact moment. Principals and teachers were baffled with what they saw. Several teachers have personally reprimanded me for this shocking behavior.

“Jump” is a song by American hard rock band Van Halen. It was released in December 1983 as the lead single from their albumĀ 1984. It is Van Halen’s most successful single to date, reaching number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Over the years, I bought a couple of the Van Halen albums, but I cannot call myself a diehard fan. I knew many of their songs, but it wasn’t my go-to albums on a rainy day. We would flick through my vinyl stack, thrown on “Jump,” do the mandatory air guitar and jump sequence, then change the record to AC/DC.

Like so many rock legends, Eddie Van Halen led a fast-paced life. He struggled with alcoholism and drug abuse, and he stated that he needed alcohol to function. In an interview, he stated he had been sober since 2008.

I did not know that he was born in the Netherlands and moved to the US with his parents in the early 60s and became an American citizen.

Cancer took part of his tongue, but he recovered, only to get hit with throat cancer in 2015 which eventually beat him.

It saddens me to learn that Eddie Van Halen passed away Tuesday the 6th of October 2020. He was only 65 years old and succumbed to a hard-fought battle with cancer. Something tells me he gave cancer a hard time.

A rock icon has been taken from this world too soon. I pray for his safe passing and for his family during this time.

Thank you for being a great entertainer, musician, rock legend, and sharing your talent with the world!

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