Song of the Day: Thank You Lord

Welcome to the 28th Sunday of Ordinary time. We are getting closer to the end of 2020, and it cannot come soon enough. We are mentally drained. People have lost loved ones to COVID-19 and other illnesses. I’m saddened for the families who had to say goodbye for the last time.

We need to acknowledge and remember that it is not only COVID-19 that takes lives but also other serious illnesses such as cancer, flu, heart failure, and, unfortunately, mental issues.

October is also mental awareness month. We must reach out to people who are lonely or may be vulnerable to depression. We cannot let them be alone with their dark thoughts. Mental illness has claimed too many victims to suicide.

"Go therefore to the crossroads, and invite whomever you shall find." - Gospel

We approach the end of the Church’s year. We, too, have grown to maturity. In our youth, we regarded perfection as an easy accomplishment. Now we plead for Redemption. We implore His Mercy to direct our hearts (Prayer) in the evening of our life (Offertory).

Give peace, O Lord. What is the condition for peace with neighbors, peace amongst nations? It is a call to set ourselves right with God!

Are we ambassadors of peace to others? The person with paralysis was unable to do anything for himself. Did not Jesus cure him, absolve him, only when his friends brought him and He saw their faith?

Chris Tomlin released a beautiful song with Thomas Rhett and Florida Georgia Line. Many artists are showing their love and adoration for the Lord. There’s no shame in doing so.

We should not be ridiculed for believing in something divine. It gives us hope that something bigger is at play and that we have his salvation.

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