Song of the day: Here’s My Heart

Today I want to share another great track by one of my favorite Christian music artists; Crowder.  He makes some powerful worship songs, and it is only fitting that we listen to this song on a Sunday, when we are worshipping God in isolation.

For many, Sunday mass is an important family event, and people who do not observe Sunday mass find it silly and cannot comprehend why we want to go back to church.

There are many reasons to attend mass.  You get to spend time with fellow parishioners, neighbors, friends and join hands to celebrate the lord.

It is a moment, just one hour normally, where we get to seek strength and support in a larger setting, and share our concerns.  When we pray, it is to ask God to help us get through these challenging times.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with praise and worship.

Do not be intimidated by people who mock you.  Do not retaliate.  Do not take it personally.  Do not get angry.  

We worship together and we get strong together.

I never understood people who mock others for seeking out God, and for believing in something higher.  I respect their views and decision not to believe, and I’m not forcing them to think or be like me.  At the same time, I do not need them to tell me what I should or should not believe in.

‘Cause I am found, I am Yours

I am loved, I’m made pure

I have life, I can breathe

I am healed, I am free

Raise your hands and open your heart – ask the Lord to to help us.  Pray for each other and for your neighbor.  We are one family!

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