Father ‘o Father, Where Art Thou?

I cannot believe that it has already been 10 years since my father passed away.  Time has flown too fast at times, and we have missed you during many great celebrations.

That day in April 2010 we lost a father, mentor, friend, neighbor, badminton enthusiast, avid gardener, a known local businessman, hero, husband, and a loving person.

Some say that over time we forgot our loved ones.  We forget their voice, their smile, the laughter, their roar, their personality, and what they even look like.

Just because we do not have the opportunity to longer meet, chat, laugh, and love, does not mean that we will forget this wonderful man.

We, the loved ones that you left behind, are still thinking about you.  Your grandkids remember you, and our hearts ache when we think about what we lost.

No selfies, although I know it would not have been your favorite challenge

No playtime with your grandkids and missing the birth your great-grandkids

Seeing the grand wide open on the US plains and the bustling streets in NYC

Sitting at the beautiful beachfront in Svendborg, Denmark

Sharing a beer and just sit in silence enjoying each others company

Getting some DIY advice and perhaps even moral support

We have missed sharing these memories with you!

So, it is only fitting that on Father’s Day on the 5th of June 2020 (in Denmark) that we celebrate the great man you are.  Not were, but are.

I’m only saddened that we did not have easier access to cameras and smartphones when you were around, so we could have taken more pictures together and of our journey in life.  But, I have my memories of you, and I smile when I think of them.

You taught me many great skills and provided excellent guidance throughout our time together.  Did I listen and follow all this?  No, but you never asked me to follow in your footsteps.  Your words were to guide me and help me in the right direction.

During these troubled times, with riot, division, political mudslinging, power-struggles, pandemic, and a failing economy, I look to you for advice.

I know you can hear me, and I hear you too – the best advice you gave me rings true today, and would easily resolve many of these obstacles we face.

“Treat every person the way you want to be treated!”

I share this simple and powerful message with my kids, friends, and others who will listen.  It is how I go by in life and how I approach every person I meet; irrespectively of color, gender, religious orientation, ethnic background, or economic status.  And, I expect my kids to do the same.

I cannot expect others to listen or follow the advice, but if we would just see past our differences and treat each other with respect and treat others as we want to be treated by them.

Wow! Could it really be that simple?  Yes, I believe so.

Thank you, Dad, for being there for me then and now!  We love you and we always think of you, and even now your departure brings tears to my eyes as I could really use your friendship and love again.

I know you were with me during my illness and downtime and felt your support throughout the dark times.  Reaching out to me from the home of the All-Father, our savior, sitting at his table in your chair.  I wanted to join you in 2018 when at my lowest, but you talked sense into me and told me to push on.

I did, and look at me now.  Stronger, wiser, and more loving.  I’m resembling you more these days, and I hope I continue to make you proud.

We will meet again my friend and father.  I love you!

You are the First Heart Warrior, I’m following in your footsteps – and proud of everything you did for the family, your kids, your community, your friends, and your beloved wife.

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