Song of the day; Wolf Totem

Let me introduce you to “The Hu“.

No, not the British rock band from the 60s, The Who, who transformed the British music industry, and propelled the Who to world fame.

The HU is a Mongolian rock band that embraces their past, their culture, and importantly, the traditional instruments.  They’ve only been around since 2016, and have already earned many prices and billboard charts.

They are ambassadors for Mongolia, and strongly promote Mongolian culture in their music, clothes, and instruments – not to mention their throat singing and lyrics about dragons and mythical creatures battling.

With the speed of the falcon advancing

The wolf’s courage at times flaring up

The strength of horses hooves, their paces pounding

The mark of Genghis Khan, an overwhelming impression

For their efforts, the Mongolian state awarded them the highest award, the Order of Ghenghis Khan.

Why do I share this song and this band?

I totally admire bands who stay true to their roots and dare to sing in their own language and use traditional instruments, while still pushing the boundaries of rock and metal genre.

This is what The HU delivers.  Excellent rock and entertainment.

Check it out!  Open your horizon, battle your inner leopard while the eagle scouts the forest, and expand your rock education.

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