Song of the day: Under My Feet

The story behind this song is, according to the sing/songwriter Zach Williams, about a conversation he would have with the Devil IF he would be sitting in a room with him.

The Devil has nothing on us if we recognize that we may not be perfect and may not have lived as we should have.  We have all made mistakes and gone down paths that may have led us to something less desirable.

I for one have done stuff in my youth that I regret, but with my near-death experience, I started over.  I have changed as a person and asked the Lord for forgiveness.

He listened and healed my heart, and I try to be the best person I can be every day.

Do I succeed?  No, but I try and I keep getting better at it.

This song inspires me to tell the Devil that his temptations no longer works and that I have moved on from my past.  He no longer has a hold of me, and he’s under my feet, meaning he is behind me and I have defeated him in my personal struggles.

I cannot tell you what to do to fight your demons.  I can tell you that if you reach out to Jesus, he will listen and he will guide you.  You are not alone.  You do not need to carry the burden alone.

Going through dark patches, health problems, quarantine, depression, financial challenges can all tempt you to the Devil.  Do not listen, as he is a liar!

Reach out if you want to chat.  I’m happy to talk and listen.

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