We are in a Political Civil War

*** WARNING – this post might trigger your inner political beast ***

Note – Please avoid making personal attacks.  Keep your comments civil and respect the views of others who might join this little debate.  We may not agree, and that is ok.

I’ve been dreading to write this post for many months, even before I had my heart failure, but it is becoming more and more important to address.  It affects our wellbeing and contributes to our social life going into tatters.

We are falling into the political death trap which is destroying our great nations.

Politics and how we run countries are obviously a very important part, and something that many of us take seriously.  Many decisions made are not unilaterally supported, and will never be, but that is also the beauty of democracy.

That should not negatively impact friendships, relationships, working conditions, and should not allow political activist groups to cause havoc and destroy properties … on both sides of the aisle.

The point of civilization is that we act civilized, and not retort to causing violence.

It may sound like Miss Universe “and here’s to World peace“, but perhaps Sandra Bullock got it right in Miss Congeniality.  We do have to work towards a stable World, and we have to work across political views to come to some path forward.

You might not like Republicans or you might not like Democrats, but does that give you the right to aggressively lecture or verbally abuse the opposing views?  Does it give you the right to seek violent behaviors?

Abso-fucking-lutely not!

In today’s political climate, we hardly dare to share or discuss political views, in the fear that we might alienate our friends or get fired from our jobs.

  • People working in restaurants refuse to serve people because of political views or affiliation!?
  • People being called racist these days is rarely based on actual racist behaviors, but merely because of an association with the current president.
  • Others are being called socialists or communists because they might have a stronger view on healthcare.
  • And, Christians are being accused of being intolerant when we simply share our beliefs based on the bible.

And while reading this post, I’m sure that some will say “Trump is the root of evil!” or “Obama caused the civil unrest”.

I do not care about either statement!!

I personally avoid having political conversations with people in general.  Unless I know they are of the same political views as me, or unless I know that we can talk about these topics without throwing a tantrum.

Watching political debates today is like watching your kids in the sandbox.  They will not share the fun toys, and they throw toys out of the box in the hopes that the other child does not get to enjoy it too.

What I find very sad and disappointing is that even families are being split in this political civil war, left vs. right, whereas families should be stronger than that.  Some Thanksgiving dinners will end in loud screaming matches!

Each person has the ability to become a “political expert” when sitting on their iPhone drinking Starbucks, or in a humid basement playing video games, and will troll any political conversation without knowing the broader topic.

People take things or snippets from a conversation, and create headlines about a word, only to forget or not share the wider context or conversation.  That is very dangerous, and serves only one purpose – create fear and warmongering.

And guess what – I’m now also a political commentator which is fueling the debates.

We allow people to be heard and participate, giving them an opportunity to become famous with 100 or fewer characters.  That is today’s democracy!

Other people fuel these strange beliefs or comments, and that, in turn, inflates the heads of these individuals … people support and believe my views, so I must go into politics and my views should be on the news.

I honestly do not care much for tweets or social media wannabe political commentators, or celebrities for that matter, who attempt to sway the masses.  It is frustrating and scary that they can, but I look at how policies and decisions impact my family.  And, how policies impact the communities, the minority groups, the foreign policies, and climate.

These could be made by any political affiliation and agreed across party lines, but they improve our lives.  Is it not what matters the most?

Wars throughout history have been started and fought because of religious or political views.  We should learn from history and not repeat the same mistakes.  Weapons are much more devastating now.

And now you have twats who want to rewrite or wipe out history, just because they do not like what they read, why it happened or feel offended about a certain flag.  Some kid (22 year old YouTube dude) wants to stop teaching about WW2, just because it’s too distrubing!

It is not the gun that kills people.  It is the idiot who dressed up like combat Carl and decided to share their disturbing views with victims.  Banning guns entirely will not prevent criminals or evil-minded individuals from getting guns to carry out their crimes.

We learn from history.  Some perhaps don’t, and I pity those.  The lessons learned from history should help us make better decisions for the future.

  • When I was a kid, I threw a ball up on the roof for fun.  When it did not return, and I lost the ball, I knew not to do that ever again.
  • When my youngest daughter dropped her snowglobe, and it shattered, she learned not to do that again with future snowglobes.

My last point is around political correctness – OMG!  We are putting cotton wool or bubble plastic around any conversation or decision that is being made afraid that we might offend a pale dude in his underwear situated in his basement in the Northern Rockies – it might offend his climate views or his decision not to shower as it will kill innocent germs.

Listen!  Comments and decisions are made with larger views in mind, and we cannot debate every feeling or atom when deciding stuff.  If I feel like cursing at the petrol pump price, it is not because I’m insensitive to the middle eastern oil rig worker who might have helped drill and thereby supporting his shitty work environment.  I do not hate the Muslims because they shared the petrol I just pumped!

A person or business will have certain views that they like to follow, and they can actually refuse to service any customer.  The same happens when a drunk idiot attempts to gain access to a bar. The bouncers can refuse him access because of that, and that does not mean he/she will have any rights to sue for discrimination against drunk people

If I call a she “she”, when she’s identifying as a man, or something completely off chart, does not mean that I do that on purpose – but merely that respond to what I see.

I say things as I see them and will sometimes say the wrong thing.  It’s not an attempt to insult any person or group.

Be considerate about the straight community and also understand that we might get offended when you mock us for being straight and hard-working couples.

I respect all honest, friendly, hardworking individuals, despite their sexual orientation, political views, colors, and appearances.  I treat people politely and with the same respect that I want to be treated with.  It’s how I was raised, but something tells me that I will get accused of bigotry now.

The political temperature in the US and Europe is high right now, and tenser than when the Civil War raged in the early/mid-1860s.  If we are not careful, some of the political discussions will turn more violent and we are unfortunately already seeing some freaks claiming their policial motives for mass shootings when in reality we need to improve mental support to avoid such events.

Anyway, just felt like joining the political circus with a few paragraphs and hope you are not offended and hope you do not feel the need to utterly assault/abuse me in the comments sections.

I’m disappointed by the elected politicians in the US these months.  They spend more time accusing each other of various events, instead of actually fixing anything.  They are hurting the common people, from low to middle class, and just for financial gains, and not to fix real problems.  Shame on them!

They are voted in by the people, and should serve the people, not create pretend problems to raise fears.

Note – Please avoid making personal attacks.  Keep your comments civil and respect the views of others who might join this little debate.  We may not agree, and that is ok.


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