Song of the Day: God’s Country

Our country is divided into sensitive topics, with some people turning to violence.  We live in a politically toxic period where our politicians are struggling to even talk face-to-face, and every move is aimed at the money, not at we the people.

The globe is swept in a new virus, jeopardizing families, lives, economies, and our sanity.

No matter where we live (which state) it is time that we appreciate and display proudness of our country.  The country has gone through less great moments, some rather brutal, but we have still emerged as a great nation.  We would not be where we are today without the history.

We are proud to live in God’s country!

Politics aside, this country is made and run by amazing people, and we need to make sure it stays that way for decades and centuries to come.

We turned the dirt and worked until the week’s done

We take a break and break bread on Sunday

And then do it all again

‘Cause we’re proud to be from God’s country (yeah, yeah)

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