Special Olympic Warriors

Welcome to the Naked Viking’s fundraising page!

I’m happy to announce that the Naked Viking aka Viking Heart Within has returned with a vengeance, and is back supporting the Special Olympics.

I could not participate in 2019 due to health issues and my cardiologist didn’t fully support my efforts, stating that my heart might not appreciate dunking into freezing waters while still recovering from heart failure.

It is important we celebrate and support our awesome Special Olympians.  They excel and impress globally, with their enthusiasm and sportsmanship.

My son is a Special Olympian!

He was born with Down Syndrome and has been an absolute blessing to our family.  He’s cheerful, loving, and works hard to achieve his goals.  I’m a proud father for this amazing young man!

… and he’s slowly starting to grow his Viking beard, although it might take a few more years 🙂

This year I pledge my support to Special Olympics New Jersey by making a donation through my page.  And, I invite you to do the same, using my fundraising page to show your support.

What do you get out of it?

Personal gratification of supporting this great cause, and help to make Special Olympics even stronger, and help more special people release their potential.

nikedviking2018Furthermore, you will get to see pictures of a pale, freckled, ginger bearded Viking plunging into the freezing ocean.  It will certainly be an experience for spectators as my roar will echo along the Jersey Shore.  And no, it is not a blue whale mating call!

in 2018, a good friend and I were “dressed” in American flag thongs, as we were fighting off the frost bites and attempting to smile without showing signs of hypothermia.  What we don’t do for supporting a great cause!

Not too sure what the outfits will be this year, but I’m sure we will attempt to impress the audience again, and put on a little show.

It might be something you cannot unsee   LOL

The process is fast, easy and secure. Thanks so much for your support… and please don’t forget to send this page to any friends you think might be interested in donating!

Click HERE to support my son and thousands of Special Olympians.

Thank you in advance, and again, please share this page or my fundraising page.

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